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Platinum Box Ltd

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Platinum Box Ltd.
Case Presentation

Prepared by: Sailesh Kapadia
Instructor: Michele Kelly
Date: February 25, 2014

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Issue Identification 5
Environmental and Root Cause Analysis 7
Alternatives and Options 9
Recommendations 10
Implementation 11
Monitor and Control 12
Exhibits 13

Executive Summary
Platinum Box Ltd. is at a strategic juncture; it has enjoyed a phase of consistent growth over the last few years, and built on this growth, is planning to expand operations to take advantage of new markets in the USA. Critically, the equipment (printing presses) that have enabled Platinum’s growth and success are approaching the end of their life-cycles, as evident in doubling of their maintenance costs over the last two years. If this equipment is not replaced in the near future, Platinum cannot expect to expand production or to effectively push into new markets.

There are three potential suppliers available to Platinum to replace the existing machinery; JabaKing, the existing supplier, who enjoys a very close strategic relationship with Platinum, Merakuri – a supplier out of South Korea who offers cutting edge technology, and Pnutype – a relatively new supplier in the market who offers preferable financing options, service and superior technology.

In order to arrive at a decision on choice of supplier (or mix of suppliers) I, Jared John Hicza (Procurement Manager) have taken the approach of a Total Cost Analysis, which explores all costs associated with the purchase of the equipment in addition to examining which option might bests meet the strategic business needs of Platinum, while best mitigating the inherent risks to the business – like lost productivity due to reliability issues. Examining the total cost of ownership presents a better…...

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