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Sport's list of the top 50 youngsters in Europe in full:

1. David Alaba (Bayern Munich)

2. Isco Alarcon (Real Madrid)
3. Rafa Alcantara (Celta Vigo – on loan from Barcelona)
4. Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich)
5. Marquinhos (PSG)
6. Mario Balotelli (AC Milan)
7. Marc Bartra (Barcelona)
8. Douglas Costa (Shakhtar Donetsk)
9. Thibaut Courtois (Atletico Madrid – on loan from Chelsea)
10. Mattia Destro (Roma)
11. Gerard Deulofeu (Everton – on loan from Barcelona)
12. Julian Draxler (Schalke)
13. Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow)
14. Stephan El Shaaraway (AC Milan)
15. Christian Eriksen (Ajax)
16. Viktor Fischer (Ajax)
17. David De Gea (Manchester United)
18. Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich)
19. Ilkay Gundogan (Borussia Dortmund)
20. Alen Halilovic (Dynamo Zagreb)
21. Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
22. Lewis Holtby (Tottenham)
23. Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)
24. Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli)
25. Aleksandr Kokorin (Anzhi)
26. Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich)
27. Erik Lamela (Roma)
28. Nicola Leali (Spezia – on loan from Juventus)
29. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea)
30. Eliquim Mangala (Porto)
31. Inigo Martinez (Real Sociedad)
32. Lucas Moura (PSG)
33. Yann M’Vila (Rubin Kazan)
34. Matija Nastasic (Manchester City)
35. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal)
36. Lucas Piazon (Chelsea)
37. Paul Pogba (Juventus)
38. James Rodriguez (Monaco)
39. Jese Rodriguez (Real Madrid)
40. Jack Rodwell (Manchester City)
41. Oscar Dos Santos (Chelsea)
42. Andre Schurrle (Chelsea)
43. Xherdan Shaqiri (Bayern Munich)
44. Luke Shaw (Southampton)
45. Danilo Luiz Da Silva (Porto)
46. Raheem Sterling (Liverpool)
47. Marc Ter Stegen (Borussia Monchengladbach)
48. Raphael Varane (Real Madrid)
49. Marco Verratti (PSG)
50. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

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