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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Introductory Topics

Chapter 1
1. PLC-is a specialized electronic device based on one or more microprocessors that is used to control industrial machines.
3.6.5 Billion dollar business and is growing 20% each year.
4. Similarities: Motherboard, processor, memory, expansion slot. Differences: PLCs do not have a removable or fixed drives; PLCs do not have a monitor, but have a HMI; PLCs only perform one task.
5. Symbols in the relay logic represent actual components and contacts present in the system, but the input/output instruction in PLC ladder logic represent only data values stored in the PLC memory.
7. The primary relay has a limited number of contacts, must have a real voltage sent to it, and has a limited lifetime.
10. –Backplane has copper conductors that deliver power to the module and also provide a data bus to exchange data between the modules and the processors.
-Processor is the cpu that handles all logical operations and performs all the mathematical computations.
-Power Supply provides power to the processor and to the modules plugged into the rack.
-Programming Devices are used to enter and download programs or to edit existing programs in the PLC.
-Input Interface provides the link between the PLC processor and the external drives that measure the conditions in the production area.
-Fixed and Modular Output modules provide the interface between the PLC processor and the external devices or actuators.
-Special Communications Modules provide a link for the PLC processor to the other computer-controlled machines and devices that must share data and control requirements with the PLC.
-Network Connections Box indicates that the PLC is linked to information level networks like the Ethernet and vender-specific networks called proprietary networks.
-PLC Special-Purpose Modules represent a broad collection of modules developed by PLC venders for PLC control of a variety of automation devices.
17. To conceal the computer nature of the PLC from users who were reluctant to embrace the complexities of computer systems. 19. The letter I indicates an input, the 3indicates that the DC input module is in slot 3, and 12 indicates that the discrete field device input signal wire is connected to terminal 12.
21. The PLC memory
23. Because the original relay and pump switch have to be replaced. The replacement is necessary because the number of poles on the original relay was not sufficient for the new control requirement.
29. Step 1: Verify that the meter is working by measuring a known voltage source.
Step 2: Use the meter to test the circuit you plan to touch for the presence of a voltage.
Step 3: Verify again that the meter is working by measuring a known voltage source.

31. Step 1: Quickly remove the power from the circuit.
Step 2: Once power is removed, the breathing and pulse of the victim may have to be restored, so CPR is often necessary.
Step 3: Wait for the arrival of 911 emergency medical team.
Chapter 2
2. Pole-refers to an internal conductor in the switch that is moved by switching mechanism.
NC-normally closed, refers to switch contacts that are in the closed positions when the switch is off.
NO-normally open, refers to switch contacts that are not closed when the switch is off.
Single Throw- only an NO contact is present.
Double Throw- a switch that has both an NC and NO contact.
3. a Toggle Switch
5. No Guard- have the button extending beyond the enclosing cylinder.
Full Guard- has the button flush with the enclosing cylinder.
Extended Guard- have the button below the enclosing cylinder.

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