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17 September 2015
Three Girls Plot Analysis The plot in “Three Girls” was very misleading. The narrator told a story of her and her friend’s encounter with Marilyn Monroe. What the story was really about, was the narrator's first kiss with her friend. This twist ending was an eye opener for the rest of the passage, as hidden clues became obvious signs. There were many clue pointing towards the twist ending that were identified after the plot had developed. We were lead to believe that it was story about how they have encountered Marilyn Monroe in their favorite bookstore. The significance of Marilyn to the real plot was that she was something that the two girls could bond over. Marilyn was their “thing” and they did not not want anyone else in on it. Scattered along the path of stalking and helping Marilyn, the narrator speaks affectionately about her friend. She comments on her body shape and monkey nimbleness which before seemed like meaningless comments. There were other clues like the use of “enchanted” several times to properly set the mood for the story. The way the plot and ending came together helped understand these clues.
The surprise ending in “Three Girls” tied the entire passage together. It helped me understand that the story was one of a first kiss. The flashback transformed from a celebrity encounter to a romantic experience. It was a cute memory but it made sense of the “persevering author and married with kids” line. It revealed that the narrator became a writer and her friend grew up to become married with kids which tells us that the romance did not last. This revelation helped me understand that this memory was that much more special since the relationship did not work out. Overall, the plot of “Three Girls” had twist ending that greatly helped me understand the passage as a...

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