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Pm 586 Week 5 Project

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Performance Digital Dashboard

Devendra Singh & Heather Shendell

Keller School of Management

IS535- Managerial Applications of Information Technology

Professor Bhupinder Sran

June 13, 2011

Performance Digital Dashboard

In any business structure the organizations stay focused by utilizing “organizational magnifying glass” which keeps the objectives of the company and workforce streamlined. Executives and senior management needs more than their experience and charisma to run the business effectively. To communicate key strategies clearly and concisely the management needs an information system that facilitates their effective decision making. The system need to focus on employees on activities and tasks that best suits the organization’s strategies and mission statement. The system should be able to measure performance, align efforts of the employees and reward the contributions of employees which will steer the organization in the dame direction cohesively and lead to same destination.

In current fast paced environment all the organizations need a performance dashboard to interpret the organizations strategy into a strong business strategy which measures all metrics, initiatives, and tasks which will customize into a fast paced entity and individualized organization. The dashboard provides accurate, timely information and insights that enables the management to improve decision making, optimizing processes and execute the plan proactively. In addition dashboard is a performance management system that communicates strategic objectives and enables the companies to measure, monitor and manage the key activities, strategies and tactics to achieve the organizational goals.

The performance dashboard is actually a combination of three application classified into three main sets of functionality consisting of monitoring application,...

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