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CHAPTER 3 – Organization: Structure and Culture Review Questions : 1. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the functional, matrix, and dedicated team approaches to managing projects? A ) The functional approach :
• There is no radical alteration in basic structures of the parent organization.
• Maximum flexibility in use of staff within functional units.
• In-depth expertise can be brought to bear on specific components of the project.
• Normal career paths can be maintained.
• Lack of project focus.
• Poor cross-functional integration
• Slow
• Lack of project ownership B) The matrix approach :
• Flexible utilization of resources across projects and functional duties.
• Project focus is provided by having designated project manager.
• Specialists maintain ties with their functional group.
• Balances project prerogatives with technical requirements. Disadvantages:
• Tension between functional and project managers can lead to dysfunctional conflict.
• Can create a more stressful work environment due to conflicting demands from different superiors.
• Decision making can get bogged down as agreements have to be negotiated between project managers and functional managers.

C) The dedicated approach :
• Does not disrupt basic structure of the parent organization.
• Concentration project focus.
• Projects tend to get done quickly.
• Strong cross-functional integration.
• Expensive creation of project manager role and duplication of effort across projects.
• Dilemma of what to do with people once the project is over.
• Technical expertise limited to the people on the team.
• We/the attitude between project team and rest of the organization that inhibits integration of the project with mainstream...

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