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Grade Details | | | | 1. | Question: | Using the network below and the additional information provided, find the following: a) The crash cost per day per activity (5 points)
b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 10 days at minimum cost (5 points)
c) The new budget (or cost of the project) (5 points) | | Your Answer: | The crash cost per day: Crash cost /days (Crashed cost time - crashed time ) The crash cost per day for activity A (500 - 300 (4 - 3 200 The crash cost per day for activity B (325 - 250 (3 - 1 37 .5 The crash cost per day for activity C (550 - 400 (7 - 4 50 The crash cost per day for activity D (250 - 150 (5 - 3 50 maximum crash cost per day is for activity A that is equal to 200 per day 1-2 7 4 $30, $50, $70 2-3 9 6 $40, $45, $65 1-3 12 10 $60, $60 2-4 11 9 $35, $60 3-4 3 3 - | | Instructor Explanation: | (a) (A) $125 (B) $50 (C) $250 (D) $300 (E) $250
(b) B for one day and E for one day at cost of $300
(c) $1,750 | | Points Received: | 5 of 15 | 2. | Question: | Using the network below and the additional information provided, find the following: a) The crash cost per day per activity (7 points)
b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 13 days at minimum cost (6 points) | | Your Answer: | A 6 5 $ 900 $1,000 - B 8 6 300 400 - C 4 3 500 600 - D 5 3 900 1,200 A, B E 8 5 1,000 1,600 C 1-2 3 $6 5 $4 1-3 1 $5 5 $3 2-4 5 $7 10 $4 3-4 2 $6 7 $4 2-6 2 $5 6 $3 4-6 5 $9 11 $6 4-5 4 $6 6 $3 6-7 1 $4 5 $2 5-7 1 $5 4 $2 | | Instructor Explanation: | (a) (A) $250 (B) $50 (C) $250 (D) $100
(b) B for one day at cost of $50 | | Points Received: | 5 of 13 | 3. | Question: | Month | ACWP | BCWS | BCWP | 22 | $540 | $523 | $535 |
Calculate the CV (cost variance) and the SV (schedule variance). Then determine if the variance is favorable or unfavorable. | | Your Answer: | 1 800 800 800 | | Instructor Explanation: | CV = - $5 (unfavorable)
SV = $12 (favorable) | | Points Received: | 0 of 8 | 4. | Question: | Month | ACWP | BCWS | BCWP | 5 | $34 | $42 | $39 |
Calculate the CV (cost variance), SV (schedule variance), CPI, and SPI. Then determine if the variances are favorable or unfavorable. | | Your Answer: | 2 800 600 400 | | Instructor Explanation: | CV = $5 (favorable)
SV = - $3 (unfavorable)
CPI = BCWP/ACWP = $39/$34 = 1.15
SPI = BCWP/BCWS = $39/$42 = 0.93 | | Points Received: | 0 of 8 | 5. | Question: | Day | ACWP | BCWS | BCWP | 65 | $550 | $735 | $678 |
Calculate the CV (cost variance), SV (schedule variance), CPI, and SPI. Then determine if the variances are favorable or unfavorable. | | Your Answer: | 4 800 600 600 | | Instructor Explanation: | CV = $128 (favorable)
SV = - $57 (unfavorable)
CPI = 1.23
SPI = 0.92 | | Points Received: | 0 of 8 | 6. | Question: | Day | ACWP | BCWS | BCWP | 65 | $750 | $735 | $678 |
Calculate the CV (cost variance), SV (schedule variance), CPI, and SPI. Then determine if the variances are favorable or unfavorable. | | Your Answer: | 1 800 800 800 2 800 600 400 3 800 400 600 4 800 600 600 5 800 800 600 6 800 800 1,000 7 800 1,000 1,000 8 800 600 800 9 800 1,000 800 10 800 1,000 600 11 800 600 1,000 12 800 1,200 1,000 13 800 1,100 1,200 | | Instructor Explanation: | CV = - $72 (unfavorable)
SV = - $57 (unfavorable)
CPI = 0.90
SPI = 0.92 | | Points Received: | 0 of 8 |
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