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Learning Task 1
Project Charter (Individual Report) * The first assignment is to develop a Project Charter describing a project. * Project Charters commonly come in a short (1 page) version, or a long (several pages) version. * For this assignment, you will create a long version. .Below is a URL to an example of a long version, but there are many such examples that you can use. * A Project Charter is often the first time many stakeholders from across the organisation receive details of the proposed project, so it must provide information about: * What problem are we planning on fixing, or what strategic change are we trying to deliver? * What will the organisation get from the project? * What will it cost? * How long will it take? * What are the risks? * Who should be involved? * Why should the organisation underwrite this project? * Keep your charter to between 3 and 4 pages long, and remember that you do not require a huge amount of detail for each of the sections. * Senior stakeholders will looking to see that you have considered and canvassed all the sections mentioned on the previous page, but may not be in a position to provide great detail.

I have chosen to create a Project Charter that will align with my other Assessment in Marketing. So I have shown how Transmin have approached my company “WebIT4U” and show how we plan to develop and launch the Transmin website.
WebIT4U – Transmin Web Site
1. Document Management 2. Version Control 3. Project Registration 4. Executive Summary 5. Business Drivers 6. Justification Criteria 7. Proposed Solution 8. Options Evaluated 9. Priority Status 10. Benefits for Plan WebIT4U 11. Stakeholders 12. Project Scope 13....

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