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The Real Pocahontas
Pocahontas was estimated to be born in 1595 and, in the state of Virginia. She was part of the Tsenacommacah tribe and was the daughter of Powhatan. Over the years many different stories of the life of Pocahontas have been told and written about, but there is only one true story of her life, and her connection to the settlers of Jamestown. It is my turn now as the writer of this new movie to set the story straight, and show what really happened to Pocahontas.

There have been many different stories of the life of Pocahontas, but one of the first one that comes to mind is the Disney animation story. This story had many false parts about the story, and it misleads many people to who Pocahontas really was. One of the most misleading parts about the movie was that john smith was this nice caring man, and that when he was going to be but to death by the Indians it is Pocahontas who also but her head the on the stone to save his life. This never actually happened in real life, and John smith was not the caring loving man the movie portrays him to be. Many the of the other Englishman he was with described him as a harsh self arrogant man. Finally the movie never brings up the very important part in the movie when she marries John Rolfe, and moves all the way back to England. This movie was very misleading, and was very historically in accurate, which lead to many people misinterpreting the real life of Pocahontas.

Now As the scriptwriter of my new movie it is my turn to set the story straight. I would start of the story giving background of both the English settler in Jamestown and why they were coming to the New World. And I would also start to give background information about the Tsenacommacah. Pocahontas was a very special women of her time, and was very also curious much more than any one else in her tribe. In my script I would try to portray how they settlers where such a foreign type of people to the Indians. In the book it says that Pocahontas was very energetic, and that after the first time she visited the fort to free some of the prisoners of war from her tribe she kept on going back to the settlement at such an early age of about eleven or twelve. “She was energetic and fun-loving, open and interested, adventuresome and smart. They liked Mischief just as much as her own people.” During this part of her life she was able to spend a lot of time with the settlers, and I think it would be crucial to the script to show the amount of time she spent there in the beginning, and what she learned. Next I would start to show the bonding between Pocahontas and John Smith. Each other was trying to learn about each ones culture, and with all the time they were spending together John Smith started to have sexual feelings for Pocahontas.

Next I think it would be important to show the relationship between the settlers and the Indians. This relationship was always filled with lots of tension and stress even when you might think the relationship was good. It would be a crucial part of the script to talk show how and why tensions were so high. One of the main reasons tensions were so high was because of the lack of food, and the competition for food. It was crucial at this point for Pocahontas to be the mediator, because at some points all out war was about to break out. “Pocahontas fled through the night to warn her English friends but also that Powhatan seriously intended to kill smith at this point.” Tension grew very high at some points especially when the Indians wanted guns, and weapons for food.

Pocahontas was like no other Indian women in her tribe. She was outgoing and wanted to learn especially when it came to the English settlers. Pocahontas wanted what was best for both the Indians and the Tsenacommacah tribe. She tried to be the middle ground between these two communities. In my script I think it would be important to show her quality of fairness, and morality. Pocahontas had to make many decisions that were very important to both the colonists and the Tsenacommacah tribe. Many of her decisions I believe were made on what she believed were right in her mind. Like I said before she wanted the best for both communities so when she made her decision to save John Smith from death I think she made this decision not just because he was her friend, but because she thought it was morally correct to try to save his life.

Pocahontas had two

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