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Point of Purchase Promotions

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Point-of-purchase promotions, also known as POP promoting or marketing at retail is defined as using in-store displays and other last minute promotional ploys to influence the customer to choose a specific brand or to make an impulse buy. I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of point-of-purchase marketing as well as some examples mentioned from an article in “The Chron”. Some of the advantages of point-of-purchase promoting take over when the customer is already in the store and ready to make a purchase. POP displays and marketing techniques draw attention to particular brands or special offers that create additional value or showcase the advantages of the product. This additional marketing has a large impact because it is in place at the very moment that the consumer is making a buying decision. An effective POP promoting campaign may minimize marketing messages by competitors.

The disadvantages of using point-of-purchasing promoting would be; having a limited reach meaning to have a place-based advertising that only reaches that small group of consumers walking past displays, waiting at the checkout counter, or carrying their bags to the car. Research show P-O-P marketing works best when geared toward younger, single, less affluent shoppers. Though often appropriate for improving product sales, place-based media inherently are limited in their ability to attract new customers, build traffic, and improve market awareness for retail advertisers. From a consumer’s point of view, most consumers report that in-store TV monitors, electronic signs, and in-store broadcasting have little impact on them as they shop. They also claim that these devices blend into the environment. And as for shoppers, only about 20% of supermarket shoppers browse the aisles in drugstores or discount stores. The rest completely miss promotions, displays, or special signage…...

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