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I should’ve known this would happen.
The moment they laid eyes on me.
They picked me and my brother out of many others, and paid a nice price.
Little did I know, my well-off owners wouldn’t treat me so nice.
On the way to my new home, I was stuffed in the trunk with the other one’s they bought. 5
Me and my brother didn’t speak the whole ride, we sat and we thought.
The others were excited; they knew they would provide a great service.
I didn’t, however, I already knew my task; my purpose.
The house was huge, for someone like me.
Large, luxurious, with room for plenty. 10
One owner showed the other one’s their place.
But another owner made me and my brother go another way.
The first stop we made was a little girl’s room. It was colorful, and lively.
When my brother was given to her, the little girl was friendly and smiling.
She showed him his resting place, and he seemed to like it. 15
I knew my fate wouldn’t be so lucky, call me psychic.
We left her room, and the next stop was mine.
And to say I wasn’t scared would be lying.
The door was locked, and had crossbones in the center.
The teenage boy was finally visible and had a slight resemblance to the Grim Reaper. 20
My new owner looked me over, and gave a nonchalant gesture.
He snatched me from his elder, and slammed me to the dresser.
He closed the door and turned to me with a devious nod.
I closed my eyes, waiting for torture, and prayed to God.
Much to my surprise, I remained untouched. 25
He picked me up off of the floor, and showed me my resting place.
It was dark and gloomy and had little moving space.
When my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw the other slave.
He seemed worn and beaten, but held his head high. That showed me he was brave.
When the master left, my heartbeat settled and I was no longer worried. 30
After a few minutes of silence, the other slave and I exchanged life stories.
He told me where he came from, how he was taken from his family.
He was put to work at a young age, and had a pretty bad life compared to me.
We fell asleep after hours of conversation, I felt save for those few moments.
Then the footsteps of master immediately ruined it. 35
He took my roommate, and put him to work.
After his work was done, it was time for him to wash up.
Master wet him with some water, and then covered his head with white stuff.
Master made him lay horizontally, and the he began to scrub.
It looked painful, and eventually I found out that it was. 40
The next few days went the same way.
I watched my roommate go through the same routine, through the same pain.
But one day, everything changed and my world was turned upside down.
Several hours went by after he was washed but my roommate was nowhere to be found.
I began to worry by the time dusk came. 45
When I bumped into one of the other slaves, she put me up on game.
She told me my roommate had been hurt, damaged while Master was washing him.
He broke his legs when the master was washing him, nobody knew how or when.
Now that he was no longer useful, Master “got rid of him.”
Little did I know that my roommate’s demise would be where mine begins. 50
The next morning began, and my torture was slowly approaching.
Master came early in the afternoon and I stood there waiting, frozen.
I didn’t want to make any sudden movements because it was now my time.
I didn’t want to get hurt, not after what happened to my roommate last time.
I went through the same routine with Master, clean then wash. 55
I learned that the white stuff that he put on my head stung but made me extra clean.
Fast forward to many months later, I became tired and worn.
My teeth were almost yellow and my clothes were torn.
Master was good to me; he even gave me a new room.
Besides my daily routine, there was nothing else to do. 60
Weeks went by and I got some surprising news.
I was getting replaced by someone new.
This new slave was well-built, had electricity in his smile.
His teeth were fresh and white; his presence has a grace, a nice style.
In my mind, this was good news: Someone to share the workload. 65
However, Master had other things in mind. I had a new workload.
I could no longer scrub tough surfaces due to my bad back.
But, Master made new chores for the strength that I lacked.
He made me polish his shoes, sometimes even with my teeth.
Master became mean, nothing like what he used to be. 70
Master made me scrub the floors until I got dirty and grimy!
He barely let me wash now; my clean days are behind me.
It didn’t take long for me to become too old until I was no longer needed.
It was my time to be “gotten rid of”. It was coming, I could feel it.
That faithful day came, I’ll never forget it. 75
I had to leave my brother and my friends, I’ll always regret it.
Lord knows when I was headed for that black hole that Master had opened, I was scared.
But I know that the local trash pile was waiting for another toothbrush like me to get there.

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