Points of View: the Role of Video Games

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Points of View: The Role of Video Games
HUM/115 Critical Thinking in Everyday Life

Point of View: The Role of Video Games
Step One: Topic
Several incidents that involve gun and physical violence have been said to be inspired by video games. While it is true that the theme of many video games involve taking action in realistic gun fights and gruesome battle scenes, being involved in these activities also have purposes of teaching and honing the player’s mind. Without understanding the efforts and concept behind creating this virtual recreation, it is more challenging to show people that these games are not all meant to relay lessons of violence and destruction. That there is more, such as enhancing strategy skill, dexterity, and proper gamesmanship.
Step Two: Two Articles
From the “Opposing Viewpoints in Context” section of the University Library, I have chosen these two articles support my opinion on the subject of video games. “Violent Video Games Are Not Linked to Real-World Violence” by Torrey Meeks and “Violent Video Games Promote Teen Aggression and Violence” by Craig A. Anderson. Both sources provide many references and clearly explains the positive and negative effects of video games. References such as past events and factual examples. In both articles there is a background for each of the authors, which is evidence of their credibility.
Step 3: Summary
In the article written by Meeks, he states several how other media besides video games can be a stronger influence of violence. While society demonizes video games for teaching the youth about killing, he brings attention to the fact that movies, music, and even art can also be just as inspiring. In the end, Meeks writes that people should practice responsibility in teaching kids about the differences between virtual reality and reality. Anderson video games are the cause of aggressive behavior.…...