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Police Abuse Essay

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Introduction to Networking
Onsite Course


Graded Assignment Requirements

Retain all handouts issued in every unit, as well as any assignment, research, or lab documents you prepare as part of assignments and labs. Some may be used more than once in different units.

NOTE: Always check with your instructor for specific due dates of assignments.

Graded Assignments

Unit 1 Assignment 1: Computer Basics Review

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes * Identify the major needs and major stakeholders for computer networks and network applications. * Describe how digital devices store data. * Describe the differences between input and output devices.

Assignment Requirements
In the Chapter Review Activities at the end of Chapter 1 in the Odom textbook (answers can be found in the textbook): * Respond to the multiple-choice questions. * Complete the List the Words inside Acronyms table.

Required Resources * Odom textbook * Computer with word processing software * Internet access * Printer

Submission Requirements:
Submit your responses as a typed document using Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced. Label your assignment Unit 1 Assignment 1.

Unit 2 Assignment 1: Identifying Network Topologies

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes * Identify the major needs and major stakeholders for computer networks and network applications. * Identify the classifications of networks and how they are applied to various types of enterprises. * Draw the four major physical network topologies: bus, star, ring, and mesh.

Assignment Requirements
Using the Topology Worksheet provided by the instructor, complete the topology name, logical characteristics, and physical characteristics for each topology diagram on the worksheet. Be sure to...

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