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Canines are a great resource for all the police departments that have them. The dog and its handler are partners for life. The dog will always be around to protect their handler and the fellow officers. Losing the dog on the job can be hard, but at least the officer will know that the canine officer died protecting civilians. Canines are able to solve different crimes because they have a better sense of smell and agility than most humans have. Being a K9 officer will be a great advantage to me because of all the different crimes that the dog and officer can stop.
Fun facts abound about police canines. Robbie, a previous police canine, came over from Slovakia. Robbie, a German shepherd, was Officer Steve Roux’s dog before Officer Roux became Chief. Robbie then became Mike Carroll's
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Humans started using dogs for safety during the Roman period. In London, police used bloodhounds to try to find Jack the Ripper. Troops took around 1,500 dogs to Korea for war. When the war was over, the dogs were rehabilitated and brought back to their original owner (“Police Canines in History”). Ghent, a fairly large city in Belgium, was the first city to ever train police dogs. In the 1960s many working canines were used to attack rioters (Basich). The mighty Doberman pinscher was the breed of choice to attack; because their aggressiveness was highly encouraged to protect handler and fight off anyone that may try to attack the officer of the dog. The negative side of having Dobermanns was that they are not good with commands. Sometimes the Dobermann would turn on their handler. In 1986, compulsory training was used by many handlers and trainers who would force the dogs to perform the tasks. Since then the training has become more efficient because the dogs are responding better to commands now. The canines know when to bite on command and when to be friendly. The trainers and handlers encourage the dog today with toys and treats for good

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