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Police Discretion: Police Officer Or Police

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We face various forms of discretion on a daily basis. This happens when we decide what to get for breakfast or who gets what present for the holidays. The earliest form of discretion from a person in authority is usually our parents. They use their discretion to form a plan of action to follow through with in order to stop unwanted behavior or reward us for good behavior. We constantly see such scenarios in supermarkets where mothers might spank unruly children or when they buy their children candy for behaving well. Yet who is there to stop our parents and adults from committing behavior that is deemed as criminal? The people that take care of this role are Law Enforcement Officers commonly referred to as police officers or police. Although...

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...Policing Discretion and Behavior, to summarize. I chose this subject matter because my main goal of taking this course (I am not a Criminal Justice major) was to understand when, why and where an officer can search my possessions and how officers use their discretion to be objective in their line of duty and how not to be subjective when making their decisions. In my personal opinion the world is a corrupt place in many ways. I want to avoid corrupt officers at all costs and I feel as a citizen having the knowledge of police tactics and the way justice is served is the most important step in doing so. I am not saying I do not trust police officers, I have immense respect for their line of work; but I am not naive to the world and I know that everyone cannot be trusted. The Role of Discretion in Policing. Unlike any citizens outside their profession, officers have the right to use force against someone. Another important characteristic of the policing profession is the amount of discretion given to individual officers. The senior police management officers make decisions about department policies, police strategies, and distribution of police resources; this is also called command discretion. Surprisingly, day to day decisions like whom to stop, whom to arrest, and who to question are made by everyday officers. These officers also decide how to deal with public complaints. There is much public concern and the media and policy makers take great interest in why and how......

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...perspective discretion can be defined as the authority granted by law to agencies and officials to act on their own considered judgement and conscience in certain situations; and each area of the legal system (judges, parliament and law enforcement) has its own discretion. Police discretion is the ability granted by the legal system to police offices, in certain situations, to act in a manner that allows authorities to make responsible decisions and individual choices or judgments, within certain legal bounds. In law enforcement, discretion is left up to each individual officer to make reasonable and responsible decisions out in the field everyday (Beech, 2008). Discretion is used in many situations, such as when an officer chooses to stop a vehicle for a small traffic violation. There are also times when the officer has no choice but to use specific discretion in certain situations and make a decision on what type of force is necessary for certain situations (Elicker, 2007). Society believes that an officer can make any choice he or she chooses at anytime while on the job, which is highly incorrect as there are many situations when an officer has no choice but to follow the law. For the most part every officer has a choice when to use or not to use discretion, and enforce the law, but allowing this choice to be made by individuals, who may seem like an average member of society, can pose a real threat regarding the misuse of such power (Delattre, 2006). Police discretion......

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...In the modern police world the ideas of discretion and decision making are crucial. Discretion in police terms refers to the actions taking by an officer or any member of the justice system based on their judgements about what the best action is. Police discretion is crucial as no two situations are the same. Police work is often a grey area balancing between a control and support type of work. In this grey zone is where police work must be done and discretion is vital. As most police activity occurs in private, away from the public's view, there is a lack of immediate help or reference from a supervisor or peers. Meaning that most officers need to be able to form their own actions quickly based on the current situation. Most times an officer will his discretion in either stopping or detaining someone....

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...Police Brutality DeVry University Police Brutality Is it fair that law enforcement officers can use brute force to serve and protect the people of the United States? Police officers are here to protect and serve the people of this great country, however in some cases police officers abuse their power and their force and it becomes police brutality. Throughout its history the United States has seen many cases of police brutality against minorities. It is a very controversial topic among communities especially those in which minorities reside. Police Brutality is one of the most serious human rights violations in the United States. Police have to face many dangerous situations every day, they have to expect the worst and hope for the best while making split-second decisions. Being a police officer comes with the power of being able to take any citizens rights away, they also have the power to take someone’s life. We have to rely on those police officers own discretion when it comes to deciding the amount of force or sometimes lethal force when handling suspects. Police Brutality though it may not be a large predicament it should be viewed by both the police and the community. Police brutality is a hypocrisy, we are taught at a young age to believe that police officers are here to protect us from harm and keep us safe, not to harm us and cause us to fear them more than we do the criminals they are supposed to protect us from. We need to make sure police officers are......

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...The policies, procedures, rules, regulations, as well as discipline, are vitally important to law enforcement (Cordner, 2016). The guidelines set forth within each define how each member of the department shall act during the course of their duties. In the event that these are not put into place, there is a real threat to the freedoms of the citizens within the community they serve. It is the goal of the chief of police to determine the medium between allowing officers to exercise their will or restrict their discretion to a bare minimum. There are instances when restrictions set forth within a guideline could limit an officer’s ability to effectively complete their duties (Cordner, 2016). For instance, if a procedure were put into place...

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