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Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice University of Phoenix Jonathan V. Dunn CJA/394 Barbara Mitchell February 20, 2012 The world of criminal justice contains almost 18,000 state, local, and federal agencies. These agencies have over a million employees nationwide. The subject of this paper focuses on the various perspectives of policing within the state, local, and federal levels of organizations. The possible future changes in laws is addressed and identified in the paper. Finally, the impact these changes will cause in policing.
These agencies have certain fragments that interfere with the development of centralized systems to regulate or coordinate the different agencies. Policing has four different levels of service that consist of federal, state, city, and county. These agencies have different responsibilities and roles in the law enforcement industry. The six largest police agencies in the United States are Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angles. In the United States the local departments have 12, 656 agencies, 3,061- county sheriff’s department s, 45 federal organizations, 49 state organizations, and 1,376 special police organizations. Most of these departments handle major duties such as responding to complaints by citizens, patrolling certain areas, and investigate murders, and crimes. The specialty police organizations consist of agencies that enforce the...

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