Police Function

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Policing Function
Susan Kinkead
CJA 394
April 20, 2013
Michael S. Hudson

Policing Function
The policing functions vary between the levels, in law enforcement. The levels include the local, state, and federal police functions. Local, state, and federal vary because each observes a variety of functions in their jurisdiction that has been assigned to them. Discussion of police functions as well their viewpoint and the possibility of future changes in laws that will influence law enforcements. The police function in various attributes to protect, and serve the people; the policing functions existent through various organizations to continue protecting, and serving the people, and the nation.
The employment of racial and ethnic minority officers increased slowly but steadily as well as hiring women for the force, they are on the frontline not just handling juveniles and woman prisoners. The law enforcement functions are better with the increase of officers, this give them the help they all need. The law enforcement agencies are starting to recruit college students; this includes all the law enforcement agencies.
There are many roles in which local law enforcement agencies take part in everyday (Gil, 2009). The local law enforcement agencies are in place to provide routine patrol of the communities within their jurisdictions provide emergency services, maintain records, uphold traffic enforcement laws, conduct criminal investigations, planning and analysis, maintain property, They also handle crime prevention communications, and community relations (Gil, 2009).
Walker & Katz (2008) states, ‚ÄúCommunity policing is a philosophy holding hat police departments should develop partnerships with neighborhood residents, develop programs tailored for specific problems, and give rank-and-file officers more decision-making freedom with regard to how best to deal…...