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Police Job Hazard

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Police Job Hazard
Jermaine Hunt
January 22, 2013
Fred Hammett

Police Job Hazard
Police jobs are hazardous and stressful. The goal of this research is to find ways to make the police job less hazardous. In this day and age police officers are at soaring danger of more experiencing killings of most often killed, wounded or attacked even by people, hoodlums, and criminals whose conduct disagrees with society norms and the law. Police officers are experience friendly fire more than even before. Frequent police officers are most often involved in work-related accidents such as rescue operations, falls during chase, and vehicle crashes. They typically live under regular anxiety of physical hazard, work lengthy, irregular hours, and most often exposed to disagreeable sides of living. The research has shown than this can leads to mental stress, family problems, and behavioral troubles. This could come from police officers increase his or her health problems as the consequence of spending a great deal of time outside. Unavoidable bodily contact with people who have infectious diseases is a serious health hazard. The purpose of this research is to make the police job less hazardous but first we must find the best research method, choose an interview structure, ask questions, provide advantages of qualitative over quantitative gathering strategy approaches, and while conducting a survey research how consent and confidentiality are important.
Research Method Purposed
While, purposing a research method we must select potential subjects to do the research on which the Cluster Sample. Cluster sampling is the more specific technique is helping us eliminated potential subjects, which is eliminates everybody except police officers. Next we must select randomly the sample of subjects to be most often used in the study. For example, we would ask police...

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