Police Misconduct

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Minorities and Police Misconduct
I. Thesis Statement:
Police misconduct can happen to anyone that runs into a official with a hidden agenda. However, police misconduct usually happens to minorities and in communities that are underserved. When the police target these minority groups they cause the minority groups to not trust officials, elevates the crime rate in underserved areas, and can destroy the minorities quality of life.

II. Major Supporting Idea #1:
Minorities lose trust with officials when there is malicious police conduct.
·they feel more attacked than protected.
O “relationship between the police and minorities, especially African Americans, has been marked by a long history of violence and mistrust.” (Lersch,1999)

·minorities are targeted, and are cheated out of tax money for programs.
The authors also used certain court cases to prove the fact. In this editorial, the authors decided to show how much money was being spent by comparing what the money could buy if it was not spent on police misconduct cases. This gives the reader a more physical example to how dire the situation is than using just numerical figures. (The Daily Record, 2011)

·minorities feel they are not going to have legal support.
“This occurs despite the fact that race is often the focal point of misconduct in a way that disability status is not.” (Clark,2002)

III. Major Supporting Idea #2:
Crime rates in underprivileged areas increase because minorities do not believe police that commit misconduct will provide assistance.
·Self defense
·Police Brutality
in 1996, the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida experienced a disturbance after a white police officer fatally shot an African American male during a traffic stop. (Lersch,1999)

Criminal offenses by officials
o Assaulting another patron in a night club would be an example of off-duty police misconduct (Crime…...