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Frederik Edwin Church – Twilight

Max 10 sentence without using any adjectives or subordinate clauses:

- Frederic Edwin Church has paint “Twilight in the Wilderness” - this is a landscape over one of the mountains in New York City, maybe?
- Frederic Church has painted the brightly colored sky and its look like sunset.
- On the trees I’ll can watch some light colors, and in the lake as well. I really got an impression of the artist had painting this on a cold November month, the darkness colors in the lake makes that we’ve got an impression of a cold November month.
- Twilight in the Wilderness is a very well done painting on an oil painting, and it tells more then the artist had paint.

Max 15 sentence with using adjectives and subordinate clauses:

Frederic Edwin Church has paint “Twilight in the Wilderness” – this is one of the wonderful and unbelievable landscapes, over one of the gorgeous mountains in New York City, maybe?
- Frederic Church use of light and dark colors and he creates a picture of the natural world, he has painted the wonderful brightly colored sky, which shows the sunset.
- On the trees I’ll can watch the light colors, and in the lake as well. I think basically that the famous artist Frederic Church has a reason with this painting – that he would like to show us humanities, what the nature really is. Through the mountains, where a little light reflects – it’s given me an impression of a freezing November month. The clever artist Frederic Church use often in the front of the painting, dark colors and then after it’s going to be more and more light colors, and it take the peoples attention. Twilight in the Wilderness is a very well done painting on an oil panting, and the clever artist Frederic Church would like to tell people about the nature. Basically I think It could happened in the romantic time, where people described the...

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