Police Promotion

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Background of the Study
The police service is one of the most important of all the public services. Effective policing is fundamental to a safe and secure society, and to everyone’s sense of wellbeing. The police are central to the Government’s programme to reduce crime and the fear of crime. It is a difficult and complex job.
One of the most important events in the life of any police department is the introduction of new blood in the form of new recruit police officers. On the other hand, one of the highest forms of recognition for the service of any police officer is through promotion.
The issue of eligibility for promotion encompasses several broad subjects that should be addressed. Republic Act 8551 was enacted for the reform and reorganization of the Philippine National Police and an amendment to Republic Act 6975. Section 1 of RA 8551 mandated a rationalized promotion system which shall be based on merits and availability of vacant positions in the PNP staffing pattern. The said system should be gender fair and that women officers shall have the same opportunity for promotions as that of men.
Another mode of promotion is by virtue of position. Any PNP personnel designated to any key position whose rank is lower than that which is required for such position, shall after six months of occupying the same, be entitled to a rank adjustment corresponding to the position; Provided that the personnel shall not be reassigned to a position calling for a higher rank until after two years from the date of such rank adjustment; Provided further, That any personnel designated to the position who does not possess the established minimum qualifications therefore shall occupy the same temporarily for not more than six months without re-appointment or extension.
The third mode which is special promotion is accorded to uniformed personnel for…...