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The success of the first three editions has provided us with the opportunity to improve
the text.With differing backgrounds in the criminal justice system, we combined
our experience in writing this text. I have experience as a defense attorney,
and Harvey is a former prosecutor and city attorney. Our varied backgrounds provide
the reader with a broad-based approach to communication in the law enforcement
The main purpose of this book is to improve your communication skills, both oral
and written. A secondary purpose is to improve your ability to complete the reports
and forms commonly used in the criminal justice system.The best way to improve communication
skills is by practicing these skills correctly. Practice alone, however, does
not make perfect, only correct practice does. Throughout this text, we asked you to
read background material, work through exercises, correct improper English, and refine
your skills. Many instructors who have used the previous editions have requested
the inclusion of actual police reports. Unfortunately, because of page limitations, including
numerous actual police reports in the text was impossible.To remedy this problem,
we have added a CD to the text. The CD contains police reports taken from
various cases and guidelines published by various police departments for writing
search warrants.The CD also contains other actual police documents and instructional
material, providing the reader with more glimpses of the real world.
At the end of most chapters is a section entitled “Rules for Improvement.” In these
sections, we review English grammar rules and give other writing improvement tips. In
several chapters, we also include checklists for the various types of communication
necessary for criminal justice professionals. If you follow our recommendations and
the procedures contained in this text, your…...