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Policemen of the World Outline

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Policemen of the World
Shana Blanton
James Allen
Contemporary U.S. History

I. Introductory Paragraph A. Nations are much like nature. They resemble a vacuum that must be filled. The difference being, is that nations rely on power, relationships, and institutions to fill the vacuums that arise in the international system. These political vacuums can readily be filled by power and the domination of the strong over the weak, or they can be filled by the rule of law and a community of nations. Many times the US has stepped in and chose to fill these vacuums caused by the downfall of old institutions, relationships, and powers. B. Thesis Statement-The US military has been significant in building and sustaining international order, by providing security overseas in places that have known endless cycles of warfare before the intervention of the United States.

II. Two Events traced back to foreign policy A. Preventing nuclear weapon development in North Korea, China, Iran, etc 1. America was afraid its hold on nuclear power would become competitive 2. America was afraid that counties such as Iraq posed a threat to its allies. B. Action against Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan 1. America aims to maintain stability and dominance over other countries.

III. Aspects leading to the US’s rise as a World Policeman A. Policies for anti-terrorism B. Changes in the immigration policies C. Strict laws against the development/ production of nuclear weapons

IV. International Incidents where America has taken on a Policing Role A. FBI and DEA are known for cooperating with World narcotics departments B. American law enforcement intervenes and assists with countries not able to work out certain policing problems. C. America assists with countries needing help in terms of economy, military, and nuclear strength D. The start of the...

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