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Policing Developement and Operation Trends

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Policing Development and Operation Trends
Jovita Gilliam
February 1, 2012 Yolonda Johnson

Policing Development and Operation Trends There are different policing organizations present in every community that helps to keep that community safe. A few of these organizations are the local police, the state police, and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations). These organizations play a vital role in the past, present, and future trends of policing in this country. Their ability to adapt to changes in the way communities evolve and become more technologically advanced will determine if these agencies can prepare for change. Police management and organization has changed tremendously over the past century. The environment of policing has attributed too many of these changes. These changes come from: Public opinion differences about the police, new technology development, public, and private sector managerial innovations, and new types of offense emergence. Police management traditional methods emerged from two sources: policing from a militaristic views and management concepts derived from the beginning of the twentieth century from the private sector. Police administrators have been urged by reformers since the 1970s to adopt more democratic styles of management. Military management is not suited for policing because most of the work done by police involves citizens in low profile settings. Police cannot make quick decisions because the work they do is discretionary. There were rhetoric discussions about the faults of the military professional model between the 1970s and 1980s. Over the two-decade period they attempted to change police management styles and the movement to change picked up speed. The attempts failed in many ways to change management but the experiences taught lessons for...

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Policing Developements and Operation Trends

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