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Policing and Society

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Jeff Crowe
Policing and Society
Dr. Greenleaf
March 6, 2015
Question 1 The broken windows theory in policing has changed the way many law enforcement agencies, along with the officers within them, have to look at crime. Police have always responded to crime, that is the belief and that has always been their job. What happens, though, when provided with an idea that expresses that crime can be more preventative just by looking at and involving the community to participate? Policing traditionally has always been a response unit, providing its’ service after the fact (after a crime has happened). The broken windows theory counters that traditional style by looking outside of the traditional criminal justice system to see how crime is generated and solutions to fix and prevent it (Trojanowics, 1994). The broken windows theory has views closely related to community policing: The quality of life, as the ultimate goal of policing (Carter & Sapp 1994; Joseph 1994; Kelling and Coles 1996; Skogan 1990; Trojanowics 1994). This type of policing has broadened the goal to assist communities to maintain a safe environment where basic institutions (families, schools, churches, commerce) can effectively operate and thrive within the community (Kelling and Coles 1996). Apprehending criminals is no longer the only focus among law enforcement. Police and their agencies must now adapt to look at what needs to be done to maintain the quality of life in communities as well as alleviate citizen fear of crime. To prevent community decline and crime police agencies must us the strategic measure of disorder control.
Legitimacy refers to the judgments that the citizens make about police authority to make decisions about how to maintain social order and enforce the law. Therefore, (Police Executive Research Forum; PERF, 2014) legitimacy lies within the perceptions of the...

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