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Practice and policy in the Human Services is a course that is designed for students that are currently in the field of social work or Human Services or for students about to embark on the journey of becoming a practitioner. There are two books needed for this course that will be included in the introduction package. It is important that all the contents of the package are present upon receiving it. The first book is titled “Doing anti-oppressive practice – building transformative politicized social work” edited by Donna Baines which focuses on suggesting new and innovative ideas to approach anti-oppressive practice. The book is a completion of ten authors, all with wide-ranging experience in front line and social justice practice. Each author focuses on his or her own individual experience, which would range from health-care to childcare while analyzing the problem and avoiding applying “band-aids”. The authors through their experiences would attempt to solve and understand the social problem rather than attempting to cover it up. The second book titled “Connecting policy to practice in the Human Services” by Brad McKenzie and Brain Wharf is written to prompt readers with an understanding of the impact of policies on the Human Services rather than within the Human Services. HRSV 311 is a course that takes everyday situations, and challenges its students to think beyond the boarders of oppression, globalization, cutbacks and inequity. This is to provide clients with a better life with options and opportunities for their future. The key aspect of the course that was crucial to me was understanding the voice of the vulnerable, society becoming neutralized to inequity and uncovering how to use alternative anti-oppressive techniques as an AOP (anti-oppressive practitioner) and focusing on prevention. Chapter one to three focuses on Critical learning, social policy...

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