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Policy, Politics and Global Trends

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Introduction: This assignment requires that I develop and thoroughly analyze a public policy in order to advocate for one that improves the health of the public and/or the nursing profession globally (local, state, national or international). To do this, I must reflect on several aspects of being a policy maker within the nursing profession. I was instructed to consider the following:
· Why did I select the health or nursing profession policy issue?
· How does this issue affect nursing practice, healthcare delivery and health outcomes for individual, families and/or communities?
· What are the values and the ethical positions that underpin my perspectives?
· What criteria will I use to evaluate the success (outcomes) of my proposed policy change?
I will use both, a top-down and bottom-up approach, in order to analyze and bring the nursing perspective to policy makers and stakeholders. By identifying the values and ethical perspectives that underpin my position, I will develop criteria to evaluate the success of my work which will lead to the creation of a policy brief that can be sent to decision makers and create a plan to work with an organization/community to promote policy change at the local level. Nursing research to support my position is vital in guiding me to my conclusion and will include principles of community based participatory research (CBPR).

· Top-down approach – one in which a person or regulatory agency (an authority) sets a policy and expects compliance – this is an authoritarian approach and involves a series of steps, which is considered a step-wise approach. This approach requires one to think about what steps are needed for implementation;...

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