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Policy Topic Search and Selection

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Policy Topic Search and Selection


Policy Topic Search and Selection
The policy topic chosen for this paper is HIV/AIDS also known as the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Polices in healthcare are necessary, to achieve a common goal of the organization at the same time keeping patients and healthcare providers safe. Policies around HIV/AIDS are important due to the nature of the illness and disease. There are many stakeholders in healthcare that can be affected by polices surround HIV/AIDS such as patients and caregivers.
According to, "What Is HIV?" (n.d.),”The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the immune system.” HIV is passed from one individual to another through bodily fluids such as semen and blood. This can be passed from patient to caregiver if there are not policies in place for prevention, an example would be a nurse not recapping a needle after providing a patient with an injection. This would be a policy that every institution has to avoid a nurse getting an unnecessary needle stick. Another example would be a policy on contaminated items in an healthcare organization. Most institutions require using the bio hazard red bags, to disposes of anything that has bodily fluids or waste so those items can be handled with the appropriate precautions.
The Centers for Disease Control also known as the CDC are dedicated to reducing the spread of HIV. According to "HIV/AIDS" (2013),”Through prevention programs, research and evaluation efforts, surveillance activities, and policy development, CDC is working to ensure resources are used effectively in the fight against the epidemic.” If policies were not put in place there would be no way to control this type of disease and there would much bigger problem.
Every company needs to have policies in place to carry out the organizational…...

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