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18.0 Bioethical Issues
18.1 Biotech & Human Health


1. Who was the physician who created the oath that is taken by all doctors?
|a. |Socrates |
|b. |Hippocrates |
|c. |Galileo |
|d. |Reed |

2. It looks promising that stem cell research will provide a cure for what disease?
|a. |Diabetes |
|b. |Parkinson’s |
|c. |Lung cancer |
|d. |Both a and b |

3. What is one of the greatest ethical questions in biotechnology?
|a. |When does life begin? |
|b. |When does life end? |
|c. |Should sex changes be allowed? |
|d. |Is it moral to transplant organs? |

4. Which president halted further stem cell research from human embryos?
|a. |Ronald Reagan |
|b. |Jimmy Carter |
|c. |Bill Clinton |
|d. |George W. Bush |

5. Injuries to the nervous system are difficult to treat because they cause impairment to ____.
|a. |blood vessels |
|b. |nerve cells |
|c. |internal organs |
|d. |organ systems |

6. ______________ research provides great prospect in improving the impairment caused by nervous system injuries.
|a. |Stem cell |
|b. |Cloning |
|c. |Organ transplant |
|d. |None of the above |

7. Ethics can be defined as: a. refer to actions made by individuals b. the field of science which refers to our moral judgments.

1 the field of human inquiry that examines the bases of human goals and the foundations of "right" and "wrong" human actions that further or hinder these goals.

c. how we react to decisions made by others

8. 12. Which of the following would not be a benefit of biotechnology to human health? (18.1) a. increased number of pharmaceuticals b. improvement in tissue culture for the use of human transplants c. improvement in disease resistant plants aiding in a longer shelf life d. more expensive medical treatment

9. 13. Eugenics can be describe as the study of: (18.1) a. determining the sex of an unborn fetus b. improving human genetic qualities c. determining genetic abnormalities of an unborn fetus d. drug research

10. 14. One ethical concern about manipulating human genes is DNA privacy, which would include positive identification, employers and/or insurers ability to do what? a. determine predispositions to disease b. determine work ethic c. determine attitude d. none of the above

11. ____________________ is the area of ethics that is especially associated with biological and medicinal research.


12. Give a simple definition of biotechnology.


13. The disadvantage of biotechnology is that producers must invest in new equipment and machinery to make use of the new technology.

14. It has been determined that transplant organs grown from stem cells were no less likely to be rejected than other transplant organs.

15. One of the many great ethical concerns in biotechnology is about patents on life.

16. The chimpanzee is considered to be a likely candidate for human transplant organs.

17. The National Bioethics Advisory Commission provides the president with advice on biotechnology matters.

18. Ethics dealing with life, especially human life, is as old as civilization itself.

19. Making ethical determinations is a complex and difficult task because one’s ethics are governed by one’s own perception.

20. Today scientists are able to culture stem cells in the laboratory.

21. Ethics and morality do not vary from person to person.

22. No one today believes that life begins at conception, but at birth.

18.2 Biotech & Human Food
23. The primary consumer concerns regarding the biotechnology field today are issues with ____.
|a. |medicines |
|b. |organs |
|c. |animal rights |
|d. |food |

24. The carrots we grow in our gardens today were derived from a common weed called ____.
|a. |Johnson grass |
|b. |Queen Ann’s Lace |
|c. |nut grass |
|d. |milkweed |

25. Estimates are that ____ percent of the U.S. population suffers from some type of food allergy.
|a. |1.5 |
|b. |2.5 |
|c. |3.5 |
|d. |10 |

26. An example of concerns for unknown protein introduction is the case in which genetically altered corn showed up in ____ in a popular fast food chain.
|a. |French fries |
|b. |taco shells |
|c. |chicken nuggets |
|d. |beef |

27. The ____ is the leading agency that governs the testing of bioengineered plants.
|a. |EPA |
|b. |FDA |
|c. |APHIS |
|d. |BEEFA |

28. ____ is a bacterium that occurs naturally that has pest-control ability.
|a. |Bacillus thuringiensis |
|b. |Botrytis |
|c. |E-coli |
|d. |Streptococcus |

29. There have been claims that the Bt toxin could kill beneficial insects such as ____.
|a. |June bugs |
|b. |thrips |
|c. |spider mites |
|d. |lady beetles |

30. A(n) ____ weed is one that is difficult to kill by current means.
|a. |tall |
|b. |perennial |
|c. |super |
|d. |annual |

31. The study of ____ deals with making decisions and taking appropriate courses of action in matters of moral or immoral judgments.
|a. |sociology |
|b. |philosophy |
|c. |psychology |
|d. |ethics |

32. How has biotechnology helped in the production of food items? a. longer shelf life b. seedless fruit c. nutrient enhanced food d. all of the above

33. One is the main concerns of food processors and retailers about marketing food produced using biotechnology techniques. a. lack of public understanding b. unsafe market c. higher cost d. contaminated products.

34. Zymology is the science of: a. artificial insemination b. fermentation c. selective breeding d. transgenic

35. Most of the food we eat today has been affected by science in some fashion. (18.2)

36. Genetically modified corn has been cleared for use as food for livestock and humans by the FDA.

37. In gene splicing, as opposed to cross breeding, we know the specific gene that has been altered.

38. A study by the national research council has concluded that there is evidence that bioengineered food is unsafe to eat.

39. Prior to conducting research on bioengineered plants, a researcher must have approval from APHIS.

40. It is the unknown factor that makes consumers apprehensive about introducing new food into the food supply.

41. People, today, want genetically altered foods labeled as such.

42. Public concern about Bt toxins is that insect populations would not become resistant to them.

43. One of the issues in biodiversity is that insect-resistant plants take away food sources for beneficial creatures.

44. People with different religious backgrounds usually have the same views.

45. In the United States today, there are no formal regulations on biotechnology food products.

46. For thousands of years, humans have changed the nature of plants grown for food, shelter, and clothes.

47. Nothing has come even close to having the potential for crop improvement as genetic engineering and biotechnology.

48. It is believed that we may one day be able to design food crops to meet the nutritional needs of people all over the world.

49. In the United States, the _________________________ puts together science advisory panels to address environmental concerns before bioengineered crops are sold.

50. ____________________ makes the determination as to whether a plant is safe among existing plants in the environment.

51. What is a GMO?

52. Why do people feel that the GMO product should be labeled?

53. Why are insect-resistant plants so important to developing countries?

54. Why are there very few Bt potatoes produced today?

55. Why are people concerned about genetically altered microorganisms?

56. What are act passed by Congress that allow for ownership of plant genetic materials?

18.3 Biotech & Production of Animals


57. Perhaps the greatest advantage of cloned animals is their use as ____.
|a. |food |
|b. |exhibits |
|c. |pets |
|d. |research animals |

58. Choosing pigs for extreme leanness has led to ____ problems during handling.
|a. |excitability |
|b. |lethargic |
|c. |injury |
|d. |all of the above |

59. What religion holds that cattle are sacred animals and are not to be used for meat?
|a. |Baptist |
|b. |Hinduism |
|c. |Judaism |
|d. |Christian Science |

60. The Muslim and Jewish faiths believe that the eating of ____ is wrong.
|a. |cattle |
|b. |fish |
|c. |pork |
|d. |poultry |


61. Today’s Holstein cattle are useful as milk producers only ____________________ to ____________________ years.


62. When using higher-order animals in research, the care and welfare of the animals do not have to be taken into consideration because humans are more important.

63. Today’s Holstein cattle, in spite of selective breeding, are as physically strong as original breeds.

64. Many people are against cosmetic companies using animals for product testing.

65. Stem cells taken from embryos can replicate indefinitely.

66. Today’s breeds of chicken have shown a decline in genetic diversity.


67. Give two examples of cloning in nature.

68. Give one of the main reasons for cloning.

69. Why are scientists so interested in cloning mammals such as pigs and cattle?

70. What is the economic value of predicting the sex of animals?

71. What is one of the problems of selective breeding when compared with cloning?

72. What are act passed by Congress that allow for ownership of animal genetic materials?

73. What are some of the problems that occur from breeding for increased growth rates?

18.4 Selling Food Produced with Biotech
74. The illegal commercial development of naturally occurring biological material is called ____.
|a. |larceny |
|b. |poaching |
|c. |bio-piracy |
|d. |all of the above |


75. Most research in development projects has some type of risk.

76. Scientists are always convinced that the rewards of their research outweigh the dangers.

77. People today have managed to separate cloning from their religious beliefs on the role of humanity in the universe.

78. Bio-piracy is considered to an immoral use of traditional and biological heritage.

79. Labeling products that have been altered could easily solve the fear of the unknown.

80. Consumers in general are very hesitant about organisms that are not produced naturally.

81. It is the responsibility of the FDA to monitor biotechnological experimentation.

82. ____________________ is the process of collecting biological samplings that can help medicinal and scientific research.

83. In 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a ____________________ could be patented.

84. ____________________ are government grants that provide an inventor with exclusive rights regarding sales or manufacture of an invention for a period of time.

85. ____________________ is considered to be the most controversial area of biotechnology.

86. Why is patenting so important to biotechnology research?

87. List the global concern about patenting research benefits.

88. Explain why ethics is considered such a delicate subject.

89. Who has set up guidelines and who manages and enforces these regulations for genetically altered organisms?

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