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What is freedom? Freedom is the ability to act, think or speak freely without limitation. The United States of America is notorious for being founded on the basis of freedom and democracy. Freedom is an amazing thing to have but there are times where it is used excessively causing harm around us. It is wonderful to be able to express opinions but there should be a limit as to what we should say to others or in public. John Stuart Mill argues that the government must never censor its citizens, no matter their opinion and that is agreeable to certain extent. The Bill of Rights is one of the nations essential founding documents added to the constitution in 1791. The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments to the constitution that limit the power of the United Stated federal government and itemizes fundamental rights and liberties provided to the people. The Founding fathers wanted to create a strong national government in which its citizens were able to have a voice in what goes on in the government. Though the constitution had already certain rights protected for the citizens many argued that those amendments weren’t enough for many citizens. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers was pressuring the government to pass the bill of rights. “ A bill of rights he insisted is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular and what no just government should refuse” (Bessette and Pitney p.57). In other words, Jefferson wanted the people to have rights that the government cannot take away, rights that they deserved. The founders wanted to show citizens that the government will not have complete and total power, that were also protected by the government and we had rights that the government could not take ways.
Also, they wanted made a promise to change the constitution without allowing structural changes or limits on...

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