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Political Corruption

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Political corruption, as been defined by the World Banks, is the abuse of public office for personal or private gain ( 1). This is definition is both objective and sufficiently enough to describe and to summarize all types of political corruptions that are happening all around the world. The keyword is private gain which include monetary or non-monetary benefits that the officer will receive whenever he or she misuse his or her power to disturb the competitive advantage of the free market system. Political corruption exists in various ways such as bribery, theft, bureaucratic corruption, system corruption and many more, which often executes in the most profound but complex ways. The causes of corruption is hard to simplify since political corruption always have deeply rooted in a region’s policies, bureaucracies, systems and not surprisingly history. However, the costs of it can be easily identify by looking at the most of the time below-par performance of both public and private sector. This happens when government interfere when they do not need to, therefore undermine implementation of both public policies and free market system. By the standard of irrefutable of a great nation, who can believe that the great nation of United States of America is corrupt? There sure have been couples of financial scandal in the past but there have never been a time where United States senator or other political officers to be involved in side dealing, vote-trading, log rolling and any kind of special favors between the rich and the officer that result in greater monetary or non monetary gains. Therefore, some might be wondering, why political corruption now is threatening the liberalism and capitalism of this great nation? The answer is the destructive system that involve enormous campaign costs, political contributions or donations, influence of lobbying firms or...

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