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Charles Rasmussen
PSCI 6311
October 15, 2015
Essay Outline: Bibliographic Essay on Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert W. Calvert:
The Rise and Career of Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert W. Calvert:
From the Position of Associate Justice (1950-1961) to Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice from (1961-1972)
Primary Thesis: Judge Calvert moved up the judicial ladder by adhering literally to the letter of the law in basing his decisions. Did his poor orphaned state raised background and have a direct effect on sensational rise to the highest position in the Texas judicial system.
The effects of electing judges in Texas resulted in putting judges on the benches with no prior judicial experience, during the 50’s through the early 70’s basically family men or local politicians.
I currently have read the State Bar of Texas: APPELLATE SECTION (concerning Judge Calvert’s Career)
I currently have read article in: The Appellate Advocate, State Bar of Texas Section “Render unto Judge Calvert…Correct Appellate Vol. 20, No.3 Spring 2008
I have his Book: “Here Comes the Judge” From State Home to State House. By Joseph M. Roy: 1977
PoliticTexas: Austin Statesman
American Inns of Court: Chief Justice Robert W. Calvert
Home School Coalition of Texas: Shelby Sharpe, Lead Attorney appointed by Chief Justice Robert W Calvert in the Landmark case of (Leeper v Arlington class action suit. The Court ruled that Home schooling in Texas was legal and Texas Supreme Court Confirmed the Appellate ruling.
Justices of Texas 1836-1986: University of Texas School of Law: Tarlton Law Library, Center for legal Research.
I had the pleasure of meeting him personally with my three attorneys in his chambers in Austin. It was concerning a case I had filed against me back in the early 1970’s for possession of a ¼ oz of marijuana. He went over the details of law that the Appeals Court would...

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