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Political Systems

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Political Systems Democracy relates to a political system that equates to one person holding one single vote in the decision-making process. As a political system, its proponents deem it as a fair and just way as the whims of the majority are preferred over the desires of the few. It becomes necessary to comprehend how democracy works to be able to effectively understand the principles and assumptions behind it. Majority of the countries in the world relate to a democratic system with differing variations depending on the resident country’s constitution. However the basic premise is that people in a country vote for their preferred candidate and the one with the most votes becomes the leader of the particular country. It is the same when applied to simpler elections such as class president or the chairman of a group. There are certain assumptions that are made with regards to the democratic system and it is important to view them in depth. This is so as to be able to come up with a concrete understanding of the way in which democracy works. For instance the main belief is that the majority know best. It is the foundation in that if most of the people are happy then that is the best route to take. It does not necessarily mean that the majority will actually elect the best candidate. In most cases it is usually based on the candidate they feel most comfortable or in extreme cases where they may have no preference, the one they dislike least. In such scenarios it certainly seems that democracy can be an illusion of sorts when the prevailing circumstances do not necessarily favor logical conclusions. Another assumption is that the candidates elected will serve in positions to the benefit of the people who have elected them. Since not everybody can lead, people elect proxies who represent them. It is assumed that these proxies will represent the agendas of the…...

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