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Finance 423 Spring 2014 T TH Financial Analysis and Management Dr. Kamal M. Haddad COURSE OBJECTIVES Fin 423 is designed to develop critical thinking at the individual level, and problem solving competencies at both the individual and group levels. Teamwork and group problem solving are stressed. The course provides a thorough overview of financial analysis, including relevant modern theory and practical applications. Topics include financial statement analysis, financial planning, principles of valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, and issues in financial policy. The course gives students opportunities to apply financial theory to analyze real life situations in an uncertain environment with an incomplete data set. It is integrative in nature, with special attention to the integration of theory and managerial judgment in the process of making financial decisions.
BSBA Goals
BSBA students will graduate being Effective Communicators, Critical Thinkers, Able to Analyze Ethical Problems, Global in their perspective, and Knowledgeable about the essentials of business. This class contributes to those goals through its student learning outcomes. LEARNING OBJECTIVES * Use Financial Statements to evaluate firm performance. * Project Financial Statements (B/S, I/S, budgets, etc.). * Use Financial Statements to obtain Cash Flows for the firm and equity holders. * Calculate and project Free Cash Flow. * Determine financial drivers of Free Cash Flow. * Calculate the cost of debt, cost of equity and the Cost of Capital. * Use DCF and other valuation techniques to value projects and...

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