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Pomlife Marketing Plan

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MARK 1027 – Marketing Plan of PomLife May 1, 2006
Presented to:
Larry Graham Marketing Program Professor George Brown College
Presented by:
Nitasha Pania Turgut Tezir Lynn Raposo Shilpi Kapur Abhishek Mandal
Business Marketing Analysis Program Students George Brown College
May 1, 2006
Kapur, Mandal, Pania, Raposo, Tezir ­ 7 ­

MARK 1027 – Marketing Plan of PomLife May 1, 2006
Kapur, Mandal, Pania, Raposo, Tezir
DATE: May 1, 2006
TO: Larry Graham, Marketing Program Professor
FROM: The PomLife Group
One of Canada’s biggest manufacturers of juices ­ Tropicana, will launch Pomegranate juice called “PomLife” for the varied consumers ranging from 14­50 years. This marketing plan analyses the following:
Company Analysis: About Tropicana as a Company, all the other products that it produces and its market position
Competition: Four major beverage companies, their products and market share has been taken into account as they are the prime competition
Target audience: All age group of people and from all different walks of life are target audience for Tropicana’s new product. Anyhow, a complete analysis on different target segments has been carried out
Market environment: Demographics, psychographics, economic, political, technical and cultural factors that would effect the launch of PomLife and eventually its success
Marketing Mix: A complete package of marketing activities is suggested for Tropicana to undertake in order to make this juice successful among the target audience in the defined market scenario.
After a thorough research and interpretation, we have come to a conclusion that there is a huge market for “PomLife” and it will be very successful in the Canadian market if an effective marketing mix is followed. It will be great if you take a...

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