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DeAndre Callands
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January 27, 2016
Success essay The media portrays success to be the attainment of riches and the latest of technology and cars. Is this the real definition of success? No, the definition of success is being able to attain a goal or multiple goals that a person has set in life. There are two steps to being successful education and experience. A prime example is of a basketball player I know his name is Randy Foye and he plays for the Denver nuggets.

The first thing Randy had to learn the game to be a successful basketball player. He used to spend all his earlier days going to a jersey recreation center. By doing this learning he was able to make mistakes and correct himself, the same way people have to do in life to be successful. People must make mistakes and see the error in there ways. He would also watch game footage from Tim Hardaway and Michael Jordan and see what they did to be successful. He would then emulate them. Like other people do to be successful they watch there idols decisions and actions to learn why they are so successful. If someone wanted to be successful in a field like business they would study people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs if one want to be successful like them. Randy also spent his 10,000 hours practicing and playing lots of games.

Randy had a lot of experience in the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey. He had played with people twice his age and it made him tougher on the court. To be successful people should challenge themselves by going up against the very best or doing the tougher work to prepare them later on. He also played all day everyday which made his game second nature to him. That’s why they say practice makes perfect you should develop the fundamentals and master them relentlessly. If you want to be a great computer scientist you should not just study one...

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