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...Works Cited Galli, Mark. Francis of Assisi and His World. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2002. Print. Saint of the Animals If you have not read the story of Francis of Assisi you should take the time out of our day to see the dedication this man put into his short lifetime. From growing up in a middle class family to dying in poverty the story of Francis takes you on multiple adventures through his life and beyond. Learning the struggles that Francis faced and his inspirational commitment to God this saint is worth learning about. I will highlight why I choose Saint Francis, some of the struggles he faced, and if his challenges are still present in today’s world. I choose Saint Francis because his life was inspiring yet not at all what I would think of for a saint. As a child Francis was given the minimal education that was available. Francis was always read to and wrote very little. “As an adult, he was considered ‘a man without learning’” (Pg 17). Francis also grew up with little supervision so he lived a carefree life. One of the first major struggles in Francis’ life was when he was thrown into a dungeon and ransomed out to his father. Francis became ill and “spent many weeks in bed” (pg.24). Francis was quite friendly to the other prisoners while being held in the dungeon. When Francis was 25 he had a dream in which God spoke to him about a mission he needed to take. After this dream Francis obeyed God and “told his companions he was abandoning the......

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...The current Pope, Pope Francis, is known to quite the opposite of the recent Pope Benedict. Since he started in the religious office his statements have been viewed as controversial. He seems to be more outspoken and down to earth than other Popes. His statements have been sought to be either wrong or acknowledge. For example his remarks toward gay marriage, how God is not "Catholic", and criticism on the Catholic Church, ect have angered conservative catholics, but many, as well as myself, feel his statements aren't wrong because he has a more open mind and thinks of everything equally instead of conservative. The pope has answered the question of gay marriage as a topic we should stop focusing so hard on when there are other things we need to focus on. He also stated that if God were to approach one who is gay he would show love instead of resentment. Also, when she stated that God is not Catholic, he explained how God is his father and Jesus is his pastor, making it obvious that the pope isn't a conservative catholic. This is what makes him different. His views are more about the truth and understanding of the Catholic faith instead of the church rules. It almost reminds me of Martin Luther. Luther criticized and spoke out on certain topics and stated the wrong, like Pope Francis. Francis noticed how certain priest and nuns are driving expensive cars and living in wealthy houses and spoke out about it because these religious people should be more humble. Although, many...

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Pope Urban's Reasons for the Crusade that intersect. The essay will focus on Pope Urban’s reasons for the crusade and his aims and ambitions for the church. I will also be discussing the Popes use of exaggerating claims of christians suffering and being murdered and liberating the holy lands to gain support for the Crusade. I have looked at these sources and found some of these more useful than others in writing my paper. Pope Urban II’s call for a crusade:Four Accounts -This piece of work has four different accounts of one of the first sermons that Pope Urban gave about the crusade. The sermon was a response to Constantinople plea for help against the Turks. The sermon had called for Christians all around Europe to help save their Christian brothers and sisters who are being greatly mistreated and to take back the Holy land from the Muslims who were currently occupying it. These four accounts were written by churchmen and all of the accounts were written after the conclusion of the first crusade. The First Crusade and the idea of crusading by Jonathan Riley-Smith- I find this book so far to be a good read and chapter 1:Pope Urbans Message to very useful in helping me write my paper. This chapter discusses focuses on pope Urban and his sermons to the people. The chapter gives reasons on why the Crusade was called and how the church legitimized the crusade through his sermons. Also goes into the goals of the crusades that were mentioned over and over again by the Popes Sermons. The Pilgrimage......

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...José Bergoglio; an immigrant Italian accountant who toiled on railways and Regina María Sívori, a full-time housewife and devoted her life to her five children. They had a modest existence, being so thrifty that new clothes were seen as dangerously lavish, not once going on holidays and never owning a car. They were not poor, but were unassuming upper-working-class Italians who considered themselves very fortunate to have secure housing in Flores. Also, snubbing the poor and resenting the penurious because they cast shadows of misfortune on the great city of Buenos Aires was not their approach. It was here, in 1940s Buenos Aires, seeing emaciated children go hungry while richer people in furs scorned them for their lowliness that the future Pope began to abhor snobbery. The young Jorge was bookish, busy cultivating his love for literature and dazzled by the colourful local Jewish community, which put on plays. In the sixth grade, Bergoglio attended Wilfrid Barón de los Santos Ángeles, a school of the Salesians of Don Bosco, in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires. He attended the technical secondary school Escuela Técnica Industrial N° 27 Hipólito Yrigoyen named after a past President of Argentina. Known for his literary leanings, his chief field of study, however, was chemistry, a subject in which he earned a Master’s degree. Bergoglio found his vocation to the priesthood while he was on his way to celebrate the Spring Day. He studied at the archdiocesan seminary, Inmaculada Concepción......

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...Francis Daniel Rivera BSBA MKTG III MARK 34 6:00-7:30 Advertisement Critical Analysis At it's most basic level, an advertisement is a form of marketing communication used to sell or promote a product or service. However, there is a lot of thought put into these seemingly simple posters, commercials and radio jingles. These things are the final product of accumulated analysis and surveys, and cater to peoples tastes, their culture, the trends, the available technology and countless other factors. One aspect I’ve always found interesting about advertisements, is they are perfect snapshots of the times they were made in. Sentiments we consider to be shocking and wrong were once considered unquestioned social norms. They not only show the beliefs and cultural norms of their times, but give us a glimpse into their ideals. They show us what it was people strived to have or be. One such advertisement (seen below) is the famous Van Heusen ties' “Man's World” ad. Like many ads of the period, this ad catered to, and promoted the ideal“ Nuclear Family” where the husband earns the money and the wife serves by taking care of the household and raising the children. It makes sense for the times then, that advertisements would focus more on the head of the family, as they generated the income and generally had the last say in financial matters. We then have the hyper-emasculating world of the Golden age of Advertising. These ads, in order to influence the breadwinners to buy......

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...Pius II was elected as Pope at a time when Rome was still recovering from the aftermath of the Great Schism and facing new threats from the Ottoman Empire. Upon his election he promised to address the threats from the Turks, which he did by preaching a Crusade against them. Scarce resources in a city in ruins and decaying Christian identity led Pius to become supportive of an idea he had always argued against – Papal Supremacy. As Pope, this new point of view was meant to provide enough power to influence the split Christian community and spark the crusade he was so fixed on. His commitment to this promise is apparent in his commentaries on the transfer of the sacred head of St. Andrew to Rome. Pius’s depiction of the pompous procession emphasizes the importance of the Papal position, the apostolic succession of clergy men, and Rome’s history as the center of the world, all of which affirmed the Pope’s supremacy over councils and emperors and had the potential of bringing Christians together against the Turks. In order for his preaching of the crusade to be effective, Pope Pius needed to restore the importance of the papacy position, which had been overshadowed by councils since 1418 when the Council of Constance did away the Great Schism. The news about St. Andrew’s head being rescued from Patras before the enemy got a hold of it presented him with an opportunity to do just that. Pius claimed the sacred head belonged at the St. Peter’s citadel with his brother and planned...

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