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Pope John Chritianity

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Discuss the relationship between at least TWO of the aspects shown in the diagram below and the way they contribute to Christianity as a living religious tradition
The application of Christian ethics is a fundamental practice in an adherent’s life, assisting them in following God’s will. The most important representation of these ethics being used in practice is by the ultimate model of goodness, Jesus Christ. Jesus’ words and actions reflect the key foundations of ethical teachings, such as agape love, compassion, and unity, through which he encouraged adherents to live their lives by through his ministry. The application of these ethical teachings into modern society, was catalyzed by Pope John XXIII. Throughout his 5 year papacy, pope john revolutionized and conformed the tradition into contemporary society in an attempt to reconnect adherents to the original teachings of jesus. In doing so, he contributed to Christianity as a living religious tradition as he encouraged adherents to apply traditional values of Christianity, towards issues that are prominent in an ever-changing modern society such as sexuality and its expression.
Through following ethical teachings as reflected by Jesus’ ministry can be applied to important issues such as sexuality and its expression. By visiting prisons and hospitals, Pope John XXIII reinforces the commandment of love, the golden rule ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Prisoners are seen as outcasts of society, however Pope John XXIII understood that they are still children of God, and deserve to be loved the way we want to be loved, as reflected by the words and actions of jesus and his ministry. Pope John XXIII application of this ethical teaching, can be applied to current modern day issues regarding sexual ethics, such as homosexuality. By Pope John letting go of the restrictive ways of the past Pope’s and visiting certain...

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