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Populsrity of Wordpress

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If you are a business, a blogger or you have a website, you must be familiar with Wordpress. If you are not using it yourself, you know of a business or individual using WordPress. Word press is a web platform created through merging entrepreneurial and web development skills, to bring different features. From its first launch in 2003, WordPress has continued to gain more popularity all over the world. At its launch it was just a simple CMS (content management system), but was competent for blogging purposes. It is until recent years that people stopped viewing WordPress as a blogging website, but as a publishing platform for building blogging and building websites. Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. Big companies are also using word press. Word press is a friendly and versatile CMS. What exactly has led to its popularity? These are among the numerous reasons why it has gained acceptance all over the world.
Stable plugins and economy. Word press plugins require no other plugins and frequent updates. Word press offers so many quality plugins that functions perfectly well. There are actually free plugins that can do most of the things perfectly well. This reduces the cost of monitoring and frequent maintenance. It is an ideal platform for any business that has little downtime or costly maintenance online presence.
Multiple options. Word press recently introduced the option of hosting more than one Wordpress site. On the same installation. This feature enables users to create a site for each of their products, agents, or representatives without having to purchase an extra website or hosting packages.
Easy to use. Some of the CMS gives user a hard time trying to hand-code a website. Word press, however, gives the user an easy time due to its simplicity. Every user will be pleased with its easy learning curves and organization. Everything is arranged in a logical manner which makes it easy to locate what you are looking for. Themes can be switched easily. Its edit option is quick. Updating a blog on WordPress is as easy as editing a word document on your computer. No web designing skill is required. You can add a tag that you might have omitted without having to re-open the whole article. You can link to an existing content t from a drop down menu, or make a post sticky. The backend user interface is easy to navigate is quite effective Variety of themes. There are quite a variety of themes to choose from. Word press themes vary from lightweight frameworks to elegant powerhouses. There are free themes and paid themes The themes are created by casual coders and professional coders. This allows blending of ideas in theme development to fit the needs of all the users. Standard features. Word press features have continued to grow exponentially without losing its easy usability and practically the same backend. Menu configuration and media handling are just two examples of numerous things that have continued to be strengthened without any sacrifice made in usability. Easy to monetize. Selling products or monetizing with ads and affiliate offers, Wordpress is the best for you. You can easily insert ads using widgets. ECommerce can be handled by different plugins. Cost effectiveness The best thing about word oppress is that is open source. This means that the source code that is used to run word press is available to the general public. . This enables each person who wishes to modify the code and customize word press even further to suit their needs. Although this might not necessary, it also means that any theme or template made for word press is also open source
Best for blogging.
Word press has remained as the best blog platform. It was created a blog platform and hence popular with blogging.
Word press is therefore a user-friendly content management system with great creativity and potential. Skilled users can make a website with social sharing, SEO, eCommerce, new posts, custom site and all other structure within few hours. The popularity of Wordpress is expected to increase even more, as new features are developed to meet ever growing needs and changes in technology.

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