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Porche Case Study

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Jasmin Rawlinson, Director of marketing, Porsche Canada is designing a marketing plan to position Porsche as all season luxury car against the consumer perception and usage behavior of it being summer-only car. The current fiscal year at Porsche has ended July 2009 and the marketing plan is for the next fiscal year. Rawlinson wants to encourage Canadian Porsche owners to use their cars in wintertime as well. If this were to successfully happen, Porsche would not only tap into a new segment of consumers hesitant to buy summer-only vehicle, also, there would be new product category for winter equipment, as sales of spares parts would increase due to vehicles being driven more often. This feat was challenging to achieve, as Porsche never had to do winter specific marketing campaign, low volume production with a limited marketing budget.

Porsche has a prestigious history, good reputation and a positive brand image in the market. Having designed the Beetle in 1930s, it started selling cars in 1948. Porsche has a nice blend of car offerings in its product line. Its most popular car being 911, the design element of which has been retained over 46 years. In 2002, they added Sports utility vehicle Cayenne to their product line. They are planning to launch their first four door sports car Panamera.

Financially, Porsche is placed very strong, with its net profits almost doubled from 2004 – 2006. Earlier, Canadian market was served by Porsche North America based in the U.S. They felt the need to open a local office Canada when there was significant increase in the sales in 2007 and by april 2008 Porsche Canada was formed. This step helped the company understand the demographics and consumer behavior more precisely.

In 1960s, Porsche won car races and over a period of time, it became renowned globally, for its luxury and high performance cars. Due to its racing…...

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