Port Expander

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Port Expander
“Port expanders are devices that allow one port on a computer system to connect to multiple devices. There are two basic forms of port expander: internal and external. An internal expander has a connection inside the computer, while the external connects to the outside the computer through an existing port via USB.”(What Is a Port Expander?) The use of a surge protectors or aka splitters is used to connect multiple devices so that they can get power from the wall outlet in order to work. While on the other hand port expanders get there power from the computer instead from a wall outlet. There are different types of port expanders: Ethernet port expander hardware, FireWire port expander hardware, DB-25 port expander hardware, Serial port expander hardware, USB port expander hardware, VGA port expander hardware, DVI port expander hardware, SCSI port expander hardware, Audio port expander hardware, Video port expander hardware, Microphone port expander hardware, RS-422 port expander hardware, Modbus Serial port hardware, SATA port expander hardware, SAS port expander hardware and SSD port expander hardware. Some port expanders can work on all computers while other port expanders can only work on some computers it is depended on what kind of motherboard that computer is using. “The advantages of using port expanders are that you get more ports to use. SAS expanders take one port and make many out of them. SSD are so much faster, often capable of reading 200MBPS or higher, than using a SAS expander with SSDs, you are more likely to cut down performance that you would be a bottleneck in some cases. The disadvantage of a SAS expander is speed because a 3gbps port expanded to 8 or more is not going to be a speed demon by any means.”(Port Expanders)