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Management stratégique

Managers arrive and present their arguments on a PPT presentation.

Doc : PAs

1) Each group present arrives, they meet and each one itself Def° Pas p2-3

2) Tell advantages and drawbacks of the current system (BOARD) to introduce, what the board want (cuts in costs for this and this…)

3) The 1st manager says that we’re gonna present the beyond the landlord approach

4) Today: maj. Of ports uses landlord approach

5) Present the difference between the 2 (rappel de la définition) 1- Landlord:
- Caractéristics PAs (Port Authorities) Vs Private Companies
Def° Landlord : fonction p3 (top), different missions for PA et for Private companies + Cf. p4 $4 “nowadays… industrial activities”.
For def°: sum up p4 in 3 points + $5.1 « They rent… port dues “.
More commercial behaviour, try to make more profit.

6) But proposal: Beyond the landlord: difference, definition (caracteristics and arguments in favour)
P5, $5.1 : « some pA… and markets. »
The port is involved in more commercial activities and gets involved in the field of private companies and markets.

7) Our solution can help combining the 2 goals of PAs (cf p5):
Goal n°1: the one every port is looking for (sustainable economically)
Goal n°2: the one we develop to come to a beyond the landlord approach (efficiency to generate revenues)

8) How to be beyond the landlord? P6 1st table for theory and exemples for every point in table p7
Use examples of other ports : « in Singapore they did this and that » (table p 7)

9) Advise some activities:
Logistics: develop transport by train: less time to load and unload, economic solution
+ Sustainable: focus on sustainable development (multimodal transport by train, barge after cargos: general awareness today, cies ask for sustainable supply chains
Internal communication: interconnectivity: develop a software to improve communication and interconnectivity, cy: DHL
Communication – publicity: around sustainable development, awareness of our clients
[Education: training for the software] <- after objections

A titre indicatif car incomplet:

Manager | Board | Présentation (« Today ») | | Transition : notre nouveau modèle avec + d’avantages | | + Combine the 2 goals of PAs | | | | | Sum up what was said | Sustainable | Big investment: costs a lot, pb with this year’s budget | Think of all the clients we can bring with that + if we don’t do it now we will be late on the competition | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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