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Among the many astounding works of William Shakespeare, the merchant of Venice stands out as a masterful work of art. The accounts of the play evolve around the emotions of love, hatred and companionship. The plot encompasses various characters as they evolve into life size personalities through Shakespeare’s prodigious narrative abilities. While Shylock evolves as the overwhelmingly noteworthy figure, my favorite character remains the mesmeric heroine of the play, Portia. Her personality and grace, her astuteness and her affable sense of hilarity makes her the most likable individual in the play. In short, she embodies the virtues, typical of many other Shakespearean heroines.
As the most eligible bachelorette of Belmont, the tales of her beauty reach our ears even before we meet her in the play. However, despite her attractiveness, she does not have the arrogance that comes with it. We see her bound by her father’s will into making the most imperative decision of her life, the choice of her husband. She is imposed to entertain repugnant strangers, as her potential husband. However, despite her discontent, she plays a hospitable host and maintains her elegance right through the ordeal.
In addition, her looks are matched only by the intellect she possesses. In the fourth act, she emerges as the hero of the play where she dresses as a man and changes the dynamics of the play. She snatches an improbable revival, where not only does she rescues Antonio, but pays back the vengeful Jew Shylock. Through the act, she displays sheer intellect and discernment.
However, beauty and brains would still fall modest of an ideal heroine if she does not exemplify the sense of humor required to go with it. Nevertheless, Portia exhibits a breathtaking hilarity where she pulls of a joke on her would be husband and Gratiano. The ring scene in the last act reveals the funny side of…...