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Chapter 1

1.1 Background of the Study Pharmacy is a place where drugs are compounded or dispensed. It deals with the proper utilization of various medications. An example of a pharmacy is a drugstore. We can buy drugs over-the-counter or by doctor’s prescription. It provides medications to customers who need to take them in order to heal sickness and diseases. A lot of drugstores have emerged nowadays as well as the increasing needs of the people. The only difficulty is that some people cannot afford to buy the expensive medicines. Mike Mendoza finds a way to solve this problem. With effective but affordable medicines, it aims to solve the hindrance of what people are facing nowadays which are high-priced medications. Founded by Mr. Mendoza, Mendoza Drugstore was established on March, 2011 in Santa Maria, Bulacan. The company has two employees and one administrator. Although the pharmacy provides cheap but effective medicines to their townsmen, problems arise with the pharmacy performance. The sales and inventory transactions in the store using only calculator has a very slow processing considering they do not have a computerized sales and inventory system yet. The processing of sales and inventory usually begins when a customer buy medicines over the counter. The employee will now perform the sales transaction. After the transaction, receipts should be given to the customers but they still do not have a receipt processing system. On the other hand, the medicines bought by the customers should be automatically reduced in the inventory area. Newly delivered medicines are also processed in the inventory.

1.2 Conceptual Framework

Figure 1.0 Conceptual Framework of the Proposed System Figure 1.0 presents the main obstacles of the pharmacy since it settled down to business. From slow point of sale transactions…...

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