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Position Paper on Animal Testing

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Should Animals testing be banned?

English 112

Should Animals testing be banned?

Pharmaceutical industry has been able to do wonders in terms of expanding the life span of humans. This has been only possible by the careful and successful experimentation of different medicines on animals as they have rendered results for treatment needed for diseases among humans. Considering the experimentation for medicines on animals, it has been noted that an opposing party has debated whether the experimentation is unethical. There are a number of arguments which have been posed against and in defense of the animal testing. In the context of the debate, the position being disputed is that animal testing is beneficial for humans, despite being unethical, because it can help conduct different types of tests, and translate onto human lives. In order to present a justification to this position, following arguments have been posed by considering both sides of the picture:

Animals are notably the best way to test medications as prior studies and empirical results have shown. With the aid of different animals including chimpanzees, baboons, ants, rats and other species of the animal kingdom, it has become possible for the scientists to find cures. These cures are not just limited to the transmissible diseases but also for influenzas and infections. It is of great interest that the heart of a baboon and other species of monkeys are rather similar to that of humans. This has allowed the scientists to conduct open-heart surgeries among humans as they discovered the correct way of treating human patients with cardiovascular diseases. In addition to the consideration of animals as the best way to test animals, results have shown that the experimentation that is done on animals is accurate. There are a number of other methods, which can also be used to...

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