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Who’s to blame for obesity in America? Is the fast food company who provides the food or us who eat that food? According to Don’t Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko, he says that the fast food companies are to blame. However, I beg to differ; we are responsible for the obesity in America. The fast food companies doesn’t come to your door and ask you to eat their food, instead it’s the other way around. The reason why there is obesity in America is because of the choices that people make and the money that they have. Also the lack of understanding of nutritional values goes hand to hand with the choice that people make. Lots of people eat at unhealthy fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell is because they have cheap food. But that don’t mean that fast food is always the best choice. There are fast food restaurant which are little more expensive, but lot healthier, like Chipotle and Subway. The problem with fast food restaurants like Chipotle is that there aren’t that many around like McDonalds. In his essay David Zinczenko wrote that “restaurants like McDonalds don’t have nutritional fast on its food because it isn’t covered under Food and Drug Administration laws, so most people don’t know what they are eating and what kind of nutrients are in it”. But I believe that it is the consumers’ job to find out what they are putting in the body. Also restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell have become symbol of American fast food. If you ask anybody to name one fast food restaurant it’s most likely that they will say McDonalds.
If want to fix the obesity problem in America we need to change how people think about fast food, as said by Judith Warner in Junking Junk Food. Also the social norms play big part in this because as I said McDonalds and other restaurants alike have become fast food symbol and we need to change that. In conclusion I would say that…...

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