Position Power and Personal Power

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Position Power and Personal Power

A View of Leadership vs. Management



GM:591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

In the past twenty to forty years, the face of corporate America has changed drastically from family owned businesses to conglomerates that absorb smaller businesses by the dozens. Those days where a person works for a single company until retirement are long gone. Retirement funds, 401k’s, investment accounts, and high efficiency technology dominate lunch counter conversations, versus our parent’s conversations about family matters and how the kids are doing. Something has been lost from those days where people actually cared about coworkers and each other. I’m sure if you would ask ten people for a reason for the lack of concern, you would get different responses. According to what I have learned through this course in Organization Behavior, all the case studies, and the research on personal and position power, I have concluded that people are not put first. This has lead to and lack of success in business as well as failures. In most recent times, Enron Corporation comes to mind, along with other companies that accepted government bailout money in order to avoid massive layoffs or closing altogether.
My group in this course chose to do the group project on position power and personal power. My individual subtopic deals with how a manager with only position power affects his/her subordinates in the work environment. This term paper will deal specifically with leadership versus management. When one thinks of power in corporate America, leadership or a lack there of comes to mind. I will distinguish the difference between traditional managers and leaders.
This subject was of particular interest to me because of a transition that has occurred within the company that I…...