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Positioning of Luios Vuitton in the Digital World

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Positioning of Louis Vuitton Company on the Digital World
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ABSTRACT 1. The study utilizes an investigative approach to finding out the positioning of the luxury brand in the digital world; a case of Louis Vuitton Company. Louis Vuitton is one of the best luxury brands in the market with a worth estimate of $24.7 billion. Many luxury brands have not bought the idea of going online and utilizing the digital platform in marketing their products. Nowadays it is very crucial and as well relevant for any luxury brand to go digital. With the world’s economic changes, people have revised their spending and diverted to a rather more relevant daily survival practices. In such a scenario, Luxury brands need to do an aggressive marketing and making their presence be felt all over the world. The technological advancements in the business sector are playing a bigger role rather. The digital platform has been in use for decades now with many business sectors going online. It is noted that as many business sectors would like to venture in the e-commerce, many luxury brands haven’t bought the same idea. Luxury brand companies have the notion that the digital marketing is made for small and middle-level range of commodities. In the year 2014, only three luxury brands gained their strength in the market with Louis Vuitton taking the lead. Therefore, we ask this question, what makes Louis Vuitton take the lead in the market in this transforming technological world? Is it utilization and capitalization of the digital landscape? In respect to this aspect, the study formulates an objective with a goal of trying to find the position of Louis Vuitton luxury brand in the digital world. The study seeks to answer the following research questions; what is the effect of digital media in strategic brand marketing that are currently being used by...

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