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Positions on Birth Control

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There are a variety of positions on birth control, both positive and negative. In this paper I will list and give examples of both the positive and negative positions with examples from around the world.

The human rights position supports birth control. It is a fundamental right for each person to determine the size of his or her family. Americans fully use this position to live their lives the way they want. Each woman has the right to control her own bodily functions including how, when and how many pregnancies and children she has, if any. Men have the same right in determining their family size, choosing a birth control method that works the best in their life. Single and married people are informed on and have access to many forms of birth control with and without seeing a doctor.

The service needs position supports birth control. There is an unmet demand for fertility control in all countries according to surveys. With the problem being able to provide birth control to people who want to use them. Improvement is needed in this area in all countries. Women in the Philippines want fewer pregnancies and children. A common problem for women who want to use contraceptive is obtaining modern contraceptives. Local governments lack adequate funding to provide these services. And private groups don’t reach the poorest women who have a greater need for modern effective contraceptives.

The population activist position supports birth control. Exponential population growth is the primary cause of social problems like poverty, malnutrition and environmental disruption. In Sal Paulo, Brazil the population has grown by 2 million people in ten years with around two and a half million people living in poverty. In this group of the population it is estimated that 2 percent live with extreme malnutrition. Having neither safe water nor food for several...

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