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Post Implementation Review

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Post-Implementation Review Report

The Post-Implementation Review is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the system development after the system has been in production for a period of time (normally 6 months). The objectives are to determine if the system does what it is designed to do: Does it support the user as required in an effective and efficient manner? The review should assess how successful the system is in terms of functionality, performance, and cost versus benefits, as well as assess the effectiveness of the life-cycle development activities that produced the system. The review results can be used to strengthen the system as well as system development procedures.

The review is scheduled to follow the release of a system or system revision by an appropriate amount of time to allow determination of the effectiveness of the system. A representative from the functional development group or other member of the major user organization participates in the review. The System Proponent ensures that all documentation and all personnel needed to participate in the review are accessible.

The reviewer and an assigned team collect the information needed for the Post-Implementation Review by interviewing end users and their managers, system administrators, and computer operations personnel. The report is then prepared and provided to the user organization that requested it and the information systems organization, which may jointly use the findings to initiate other actions.

The Post-Implementation Review is a free-form report, and not all sections are relevant or necessary to the final product. A description of the Post-Implementation Review Report is attached.


1 Project Identification

Provide the identifying information associated with the project, including the applicable project control code, system…...

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